About Recipe Now

Recipe Now is an app that helps you to find tasty recipes from food blogs and recipe sites around the web. It is designed to make finding a dish to cook as easy as ordering a takeaway from Deliveroo.

We believe in quality over quantity, and as such we only feature recipes that we have tried and tested ourselves.


We link to recipes from our favourite food bloggers and chefs, and as such they take all credit for the recipes featured on the site (other than those from our blog).

In addition, our icon is based on the chef icon by Mister Pixel from the Noun Project, and our background comes from Foodies Feed.

About the creators

We built this site for two reasons:

Firstly, as young professionals, we all too often leave work hungry and with little idea of what to cook. We might know we have some chicken or sweet potatoes, but we'll have to make a trip to the local supermarket regardless. Other recipe websites often felt overwhelming: which of the 15 spaghetti bolognese options is best?

Secondly, Recipe Now has been a learning experience! Built on the Bootstrap framework but with a PHP and MySQL back-end, it has been an excellent project to learn programming.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for how we can improve the site!